Top Gay Things To Do In Berlin In A Weekend

As the capital of Germany, Berlin is truly a magnificent city, which is filled with amazing people and even more amazing sites. To make matters even more appealing, Berlin is an incredibly gay-friendly city to travel to. What isn’t there to like about the sprawling city? Of course, if you’re looking for gay travel to Berlin, you’ll need to know precisely what to see during the weekend. Within this guide, you will explore some of your options.

Lesbian-Gay City Festival

Lesbian Gay and lesbian festival

Lesbian Gay and lesbian festival 16 – 17 July

If you truly wish to mingle with the residents of Berlin and remain comfortable, you’ll want to partake in the annual Lesbian-Gay City Festival. This event takes place each year, during the summer, and involves numerous live performances. You’ll want to make sure you stick around for the wild sofa interviews, where you’ll hear from politicians and other prominent people within the LGBT movement. As long as you plan it right, you will absolutely love this magnificently fun street party!

Bar Jeder Vernunft

Bar Jeder Vernuft

Bar Jeder Vernuft

Some couples and singles will want to visit a friendly venue, which is romantic, exciting and fun. If you fit into this category, you will definitely want to plan a trip to the Bar Jeder Vernunft.

Although the tent looks simplistic on the outside, you’ll emerge yourself into 1920s Berlin, once you step inside. The venue offers a little bit of everything, including scrumptious foods, hilarious comedy and even live musical performances. Some of the most well know artists, who have helped shape the gay scene, can be seen at the Bar Jeder Vernunft. Among these artists, you will find Gayle Tufts, Max Raabe, Georgette Dee, and Tim Fischer.

The DDR Museum

DDR Museum

Berlin’s DDR Musuem

Those looking to visit Berlin will certainly want to learn about the city’s history. There is truly no better way to do this than by planning a trip to the DDR Museum.


This is one of the most popular attractions in the entire city and it is no coincidence. The museum will take you back to German’s notorious Socialist state and will allow you to experience it first hand. When exploring the exhibits, you will be able to touch and feel everything you encounter. Regardless of your sexuality, the DDR Museum is undoubtedly a must!

Bar Saint Jean

Bari Saint Jean in Berlin

Bari Saint Jean in Berlin

Whether you’re traveling solo or bringing along your lover, you will definitely want to book a visit to the Bar Saint Jean.

This establishment is located in Mitte and is a massive hub for gay men. The downstairs bar offers a lush and luxurious style, which will be sure to impress.

The bar’s menu, which focuses on cocktails and high-end drinks, helps to keep the entire experience classy and very memorable. Just remember that the venue shuts down at 3.00AM each night. Don’t worry! You’ll have plenty of time to chat it up, before the clock hits 3 and you’ll love every minute of it.

Historical Mitte

There is nothing more romantic than taking a stroll down a street that holds historical value. Mitte “Middle” is a very popular historical center that used to be the main hub of East Berlin. This notable landmark developed from a trading post during the 12th Century, but now it is filled with cafes, museums, art galleries, and clubs. This is a must see area, if you are traveling to Berlin

City View


If you are looking for a special place to visit, while staying in Berlin, you should definitely head down to the Berliner Dom.

This magnificent landmark was constructed some time during the 19th-20th Century. During this epoch, the church held significant value for the Germans, by expressing imperialist power. Guided tours are open to the public to give everyone the opportunity to scale up to the top and view the city line.

An organ concert is provided to give the entire environment a very romantic and mysterious appeal.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, Berlin is a truly magnificent city to visit. There are many beautiful, fun and gay-friendly sites within the city. If you were looking for an excellent weekend getaway, it would be a major mistake not to add Berlin to your list of potential destinations. Why not consider travelling with Unscene Travel to Berlin – We’re heading there soon.