We offer flexible payment terms

There’s no need to pay for the entire holiday all at once! Most trips require a deposit to register your place. This is usually around 25% of the total cost, but could be less depending on when you book. Keep in mind, these are minimum payments, so if you’d like to fast-track your way to “fully paid” you’re completely welcome to. You can also pay in full at the time of booking. We also offer several payment options as well for your convenience.

Register and pay the initial deposit, then:

Within 30 days – half payment due.

30 days prior to trip start – Balance due.

If none of these options will work for you or for more information on any of the above mentioned payment methods…please contact us here

All payments are processed by our secure payment processor Stripe. Your card details are not stored on our servers and your transaction is 100% secure and protected by SSL