Gay holidays for singles – what are your options?

So you’re thinking of a gay holiday and you’re single?

If you’re single and gay AND you’d like to go on holiday, shock horror, your options are pretty limited. You’re certainly not alone in your quest. We’ve all been there, you’re looking for a gay getaway and you give your old friends a call. You’ve made some great friends growing up, some of them straight, others gay, and you long for those lads trips away to far flung places. But these days everyone seems unavailable, your old pals are all married and some of them with kids en tow. Organising a vacation with your old friends isn’t a simple thing to master. Families and those in relationships need long notice to even arrange a coffee never mind a gay holiday or a city break away.

We feel your pain, You’re single, gay, and looking to go on vacation. It shouldn’t be this hard should it? Let’s see what you can get up to:

A gay city break

rome-headerYou’ve decided that you’d like a long weekend away and a city break seems like the most obvious choice, somewhere in Europe maybe, check. Now where do gay guys go in Europe? Barcelona! Sitges! Gran canaria! Prague! All wonderful places to visit, with a healthy gay scene sure, but what if you’re not into the gay scene? What if you’re a little old for backpacking, we know, you’ve upgraded a little in life and you like your home comforts! We do too!

You can head on over to Google and find the gay scene and try and find a hotel nearby. It’s an obvious choice, but sometimes there’s more to life than the gay strip. Now some gay cities have amazing night life, Berlin is a gay mecca where you can find everything from vanilla pop to some pretty hard core, err, persuits! We love Berlin for that, it’s one of the most diverse cities we know.

A gay cruise might be fun

As much fun as cruising sounds, being stuck on a boat with folk you might not like, for 2 weeks, doesn’t sound like our ideal holiday. We know some of you like it, and there are certainly many great cruise companies around. Not all gay cruises are revolve around the 24 hour sex and party scene, we know, but if you’ve got a free spirit best search elsewhere!

You can find a gay holidays for singles companion who’d like to travel with you.

Finding Gay holidays for singles is hardThis one sounds a little more like dating to us, but we know that it works. Shared adventures with someone who has the same life outlook as you, there’s certainly a few websites that cater for connecting you with your ideal travel partner, but that comes with it’s own challenges.

What if you don’t get on, he likes museums, you like the beach? It’s tough out there! Some of the profiles seem that they’re looking for more than just a travel companion though!

A tour that’s aimed at the wider market, not just if you’re LGBTI

You could most certainly do all the above but with straight people. There are plenty of tour companies offering trips to far flung places, but if you’re looking for that perfect gay holidays for singles, you might find it surprisingly difficult to find other single gay travellers on the trip. And that’s what you’re here for isn’t it?

A gay adventure holiday might be for you

Now we’re talking! If travelling off the beaten track with likeminded guys and girls sound more like your scene then a gay adventure holiday is definitely one to look out for. When I started Unscene Edinburgh, I’ve heard time and time again that they’d love to travel with people who are into the same things as them. A place where you can go on holiday with strangers but after a day or so you feel like you’ve made lasting friendships.

Sure we like to visit the gay scene, see what the city has to offer, but we don’t want to spend our whole holiday trekking from bar to bar, club to club. We want to see the city, go on mad adventures quad biking, horse riding or swimming in weird and wild places. Sounds like something you might like? You should check out where we’re heading next!

I guess you’ve gathered from this article that the options for travelling or vacationing when you’re gay and single, is limited. And to be honest, I’ve found that too, and that’s why we’ve started this gay adventure tour company. We’re determined to break the mold of gay adventure travel and you’re jetting off to some pretty spectacular places in the next year or so – why don’t you join us?