What’s included in your trip price

All of our trips include accommodation, breakfast and dinner. We also arrange daily activities for you to choose from, some will be included in the trip price and others will be an optional extra. Those extras will be explained to once on the trip.
You’ll also be accompanied by a knowledgable tour guide who has in the inked knowledge of what’s happening in the places we visit.

What isn’t included in the trip price

  • Travel insurance isn’t included, and we highlight recommend that you purchase adequate travel insurance for your trip
  • International airfare. We will usually advise you which flight our crew will be on, so that you can arrange your own flights to fit with our arrival. Don’t worry if you’re late or early, we’ll confirm arrival and meeting times before you travel
  • Travel expenses and other personal expenses
  • Activities, meals and other events outside of our pre arranged Unscene Travel schedule

What kind of travel experience can I expect

We know every traveller is different and one persons idea of a holiday is wildly different from someone else’s. That’s why our trips are very flexible. We arrange the basics like accommodation and dinner, and a few pre planned activities, and you’re free to do with the rest of the time as you please. Even if you don’t feel like doing any of the activities, you’ll be welcome to meet us for lunch, or dinner later in the day.

We would usually consult with everyone on the day of arrival to gauge what the group feels like doing and arrange our schedule around that. Bear in mind that we’ve spent endless hours researching, visiting and experiencing the trip ourselves, so you can be sure that what we have planned is worth doing!

How do I book on to a tour?

On the tour page you can add the tour to your trip basket and give us some details about you and your travelling companions. Depending on when you book and the trip departure date, you’ll have the opportunity to stagger your payment over the course of a few months. Most of our trips can be booked with a deposit which allows you to pay in affordable instalments. Please return to our payment schedule page for more information.

I’m on my own and worried about travelling on my own with a group of strangers, would that be a problem?

Not at all, in fact most of our travellers are single and slightly nervous of going away with a bunch of strangers. Rest assured that you’ll be made to feel welcome and before long it will feel like you’re travelling with a group of life long friends. In fact we often hear from guys after the trip that they didn’t know why they were so nervous. We also have couples joining us and we find its a great way of meeting new people while still having the comfort of a partner nearby.

What if I don’t live in the UK, can I still join you on a trip?

Of course, our trips are designed to meet people from all over the world. As we don’t provide air transportation, you are free to join us at the start of the trip and continue your travels after the tour.

Are girls welcome?

Yes of course! Although the majority of our travellers are gay guys, you’re most welcome to join if you’re a girl! If you fancy having an adventure with a bunch of fun loving, down to earth happy go lucky gay guys then you’re VERY welcome to join us!

What if I need to cancel the trip due to unforeseen medical, family or personal emergencies.

We highly recommend that you purchase travel insurance so that your flight cancellation is covered by your insurance. Your payments towards your Unscene Travel trip are partially refunded depending on when you cancel. Please refer to our terms and conditions for the exact cancellation policy.

Are we expected to get up early every day?

Not at all, this is your holiday, so you are free to get up at when you please. Our tour leaders will explains the next day’s itinerary to you and you can join us later in the day for lunch, or for dinner if you feel like having a completely lazy day. There may be days when we need to catch an early train or ferry, so those are the only days when w would require you to get up early.

How big are the groups?

Group sizes generally vary between 8 and 15 people. This gives everyone the opportunity to make new friends easily. We would usually run a trip with a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 15.

Do I need a passport and a visa?

A passport is always required, and visa depending on which country you are from. If you’re from the European Union, you won’t require a visa for any of our trips. Our trips further afield may require a visa, but this will clearly be explained on the destination page.

What is the age group of travellers in my group?

Our trips appeal to all ages, but we’ve found that most of our travellers are between 30 and 50. No matter what age you are, we’ve found that everyone gets along swimmingly and find that they have many things in common. Keep in mind that our trips require a moderate degree of physical ability for walks, cycles, or even just carting your luggage on to trains, buses and so on. If you’re worried about your physical ability then please give us a shout on the contact us page.

Who will lead our trips

Most of our trips are led by either Conrad or Gerry, or both. They are knowledgable in the places we’ll be visiting so you’re in safe hands!

Can we suggest a location for your next trip?

Yes of course! We’re always looking for new and inspiring places to visit! Give us a shout on the contact us page to let us know!

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.